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CS 43: Customize An Offer Or Not

The offer is a two-way commitment or agreement, not a "I want it my way". That's when I tell them NO as I stopped customizing my offers...
Customer an offer or not

Customize your offer or not? First, you go through the intro song and then I’m going to talk to why I don’t customize any offers any longer.

Hi, guys. Welcome back. Marcel Martens, Cloud Secrets podcast. Hope you’re doing fine. We’ve got a great start of 2020. If you listen to earlier episodes, my webinars keep filling up more and more. Well, the ratio that shows up, I don’t know, 10-folded last night. At first, I had, I don’t know, maybe 1% or 2% of show ups, people that show up, watch the online training as they call it.

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Yesterday, I had over 50% rate that showed up. Of that 50%, almost 50% stayed until the end, I didn’t do any conversions directly like last time. Last time, I had a 50% conversion rate. I did the same training, same slides, basically the same story, maybe a little bit different left some sheets, but in essence, it was all the same. I sent out an email today with the replay and for people to think about my proposal and they get until the end of the week to decide if they want to use the proposal I sent them. Yes or no.

Special offer

Why I don't customize my offer

Then it comes, to customize or not. I got a lot of questions during the webinar of people who would like to customize or want to break up my Always Safe in Business suite.

I tell him directly, no, it’s not what we do. It’s not what we stand for.

By using my method, the M – IT method of implementation and using the suite, I can guarantee success every single time. I can make sure people can use it everywhere on any device and have complete logic of where, what is stored and they know where they can find what data instead of with a OneDrive or SharePoint mixed together.

Success guaranteed

Customizing offers, if I could tell you a story of my first, almost 10 years as an entrepreneur. I’ve set up and developed several Cloud services of remote desktop, Citrix. We were selling VPS machines. We were hosting managed services. We were doing all these different types of hosting and not web hosting, but dedicated application or service hosting for our customers or for certain industry. The hard part was not only that every single solution was, well, we couldn’t sell it more than once because it was specially built for that particular customer, so we couldn’t scale. The second problem that we faced was due to the diversity of services, well, it comes very hard to make it reliable money-wise because you’ve got all of these different expertise.

Not scaling up

While I love the diversity, usually IT professionals like to have as a specialism in some area and then all about that. That’s fine. If we want to keep accommodating all those services and to level that we want to provide those services, we need so much experts that we actually start losing money. That’s why we always, not always, almost got bankrupt during those times. That was the time that we decided this wasn’t the best way to go.

Losing money

So we made, I don’t know, 130 or 180 turn around and start focusing on only one thing: that’s Always Safe in Business Suite. By doing so, our sales, well, are still exponentially growing because every new customer provides on average, again, three new customers and by that, the acquisition machine is fully running and fully operational. Like I told you last time, my only challenge for this year is to figure out a way to, instead of selling one-on-one, belly-to-belly, like they call it in personal meetings or on a phone call, I’m going to go for many-to-one. So, I can sell lots of people during, for example, a webinar or any other form.

Exponential growth

I chose the webinar format for now. I’m using the Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets books as a guide for how to set it all up and how to present myself as the experts and convince them. Well, basically, it comes down if you read Russell’s books.

You’ve got three beliefs that, you got one big domino and if you let the domino fall and recreate new beliefs, then there’s no other possibility that your customer has to give you money and there’s no alternative.

You’ve got the internal, the external and the resource false belief that you need to reprogram in their minds. You need to break down internal struggles, “Oh, this isn’t for me. This doesn’t work for my company.” All these excuses. You need to convince them, break down the current belief and build up a new one.

Break down current beliefs

Then the external, “Oh, my colleagues won’t work with this software. They don’t like it.” I don’t know. All of these external factors that, well, make it so that you don’t make the step that’s absolutely necessary to start the transformation. Lastly, the resources part, it comes down to money, equipment or whatever. You need to make sure that in their head that they don’t pay more than they already do. They actually start making more money, cut down on costs. 

Return on investment

How I can make this work every single time for every company

When you do so, the only part left is, well, they’re convinced and they need to give you money. That’s where it comes in. Never, at least I never customize any offer again. It’s a two-way agreement. That’s not something, here it is, take it or leave it.

The other part is also committing to making this work, so it’s really a two-way effort to make it a success. With my method, I can guarantee that success every single time for any type of customer, for any niche they’re in. I don’t care if they are laundry service or provide to do it for you services or they are a transport business. I don’t care. I can make this work for every single company every single time.

Opt-in for my course

If you’re interested on how I all do it, go to Again, that’s There can opt in for my Cloud Secrets course in which I will train you every single step of the way from the inventory to the aftersales part and all steps in between. That will guarantee success for you and your customer as well. If you want to transform 2020 and make it your most successful year ever, I strongly encourage you to take a look and take the first step towards your success. I love to see you again. 

2020 most successful year

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