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CS 41: 50% Conversion On My Webinar

CS 041: 50% Conversion On My Webinar

Boom. 50% conversion after my webinar. Absolutely fricking amazing. I’m so joyed and so filled with enthusiasm. After the theme song, I’m going to share my dirty little secret on how I converted that many people.

Hi, Marcel Martens. Welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast and I promised you to keep you updated on the progress of the webinar series that I’m going to do for one of my companies, M-IT Services, on selling the Always Safe business suite.

50% conversion rate

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Just a few steps back. I’ve been trying to sell like cloud services since, I don’t know, maybe 10 years online. Actually never made any online conversion or sales, so direct sales, that’s what I mean.

And it’s always been belly to belly, going to the customer, explaining what we do, how we do it and what we charge for it and I’ve been struggling and looking for a way to sell one to many.

No online conversions

Use webinars for more conversions, it works!

In this case I use webinars. I can also do events and all other kinds of things, but I thought start an easy way and start using webinars in the shape of an online training. At least that’s what I sell the people on the ad that they can opt in for an online training, on how to combine Office 365 and Google G Suite for optimal use and performance.

So yesterday, we finally did it.

We made our first conversions using a webinar.

Lots of people were very enthusiastic and opted in right away after, well when the webinar was finished. I made a special offer for them for that.

More conversions by the use of a webinar

I followed the guidelines of Expert Secrets. In this case I can see myself as the expert who will train different entrepreneurs or other entrepreneurs and business owners on how to successfully use IT, how to use IT for their business to a company growth, save costs, save money, increase revenue and increase profits.

And that’s the thing that I sold them in the webinar. I also gave a demo so people can see what I can do and how I use it. They know they are secure, that all their data has been backed up daily automatically without any human interaction, and all their systems are well fully secured or protected against ransomware, cyber crime and all that kinds of activities that you don’t want to encounter on your systems or your data.

Protection against cyber crime

So I’ll put down a link below where you can download the free book. It’s a free book, people and I encourage you to download it or order it, it’s free. The guy Russell Brunson, he only charges shipping fee, so the book is free and if you, it’s also a recommendation. You can order a black box that’s containing the Expert Secrets book, and the Dotcom Secrets book.

Sales funnel

A huge advantage getting out of them, and I’ll welcome you into his world because he’s a phenomenal guy. He’s the funnel man and basically the people that enter the webinar have been using in this case, a working funnel finally. So I figured it out. I know what to do. I know what comes next. This time I’m going to change my ad strategy to get even more opt-ins and convert more people.

So that’s it for today. Once again, I’ll put a link down below where you can get your free Expert Secrets book and please let me know what you, when you read it, when you’re done, what you gain from it? I’m curious. I just want to know if I can help you in any other way.

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Okay, that’s it guys. See you next time. Bye bye. Marcel Martens.


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