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CS 40: How I Increased My Opt-in rate With 1100% For My Webinar

What a simple change in strategy can do for your results...
CS 40: How I Increased My Opt-in rate With 1100% For My Webinar
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An 1100% increase of opt-in rates for my webinar. How do I do it? I’ll explain after the theme song.

Hey, good morning, guys. What’s up? Marcel Martens’ Cloud Secrets podcast. Yesterday, or at least … Well, go to episode 39. There I’ll tell you about my action plan to acquire 1,000 new subscribers for our Always Safe in Business Suite. And as I explained, most of the time I kind of like no, I love it to take massive action because massive, massive, massive amounts of action is what gets things done and when you get why and when you get results. So two days ago, as I told, I was working until 1:30 in the middle of the night to get my automation and Facebook advertising done for the gathering opt-ins for my webinar to sell the always saving business suite. And when I look at the results last night, and I waited until 12 o’clock so I had a full day, even though the ads only started running at 10:45 I think in the morning.

Opt-in rate increase

So basically it’s half a day. And when I compare them to earlier campaigns that I’ve run, I had an 1100% increase of opt in rates and that just blew my mind. So for just 50 bucks, that’s what I spent yesterday on Facebook ads and Instagram ads gave me an increase of 1100% it blew my mind.

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I love it. I’m going to prepare the webinar for next Monday and I’ll let you know how many people or how many new customers we acquire during that webinar. I just love to share my success stories that work that don’t work so you can save the time and trouble and just pick the right strategy that works. So you can copy my, no, not copy… Model my work, we don’t copy things. We model it and make it work. So, if I’m not mistaken, I got an…

Attract customers

I don’t know if it’s in English. I made a Facebook training earlier for one of my shows, but I can’t recall if it’s in English or in Dutch sow. I’ll look it up. If it’s in English post down, a link below so you can go to look for episode 40 and there I will, if it’s in English otherwise in Dutch for the people who can speak Dutch as well. Maybe I get it translated, I don’t know. I’ll put it in a link where I can explain you the Facebook advertising strategy that I’ve used that’s working and blown me away. Just a quick share. 

Online advertising strategy

Thank you very much. If you like this, please rate and subscribe and give feedback on the iTunes or iHeart radio or wherever you are listening or watching this. I thank you very much again and I’ll see you guys next time.

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Marcel Martens


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