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CS 4: Finding My Perfect Logo

Very, very, very excited! We are nearing the contest deadline.
CS 4 Finding my perfect logo

Hey everyone, this is Marcel Martens. 

Welcome back to the Cloud Secrets podcast. Today I am very, very, very excited because my project, or no my, how do you call it? Contest on 99 Designs for the new logo and the corporate identity for cloud secrets will be get to its deadline, so the designers have the last opportunity to drop in their first drafts or first designs.

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Well, let me tell you a quick story here about 99 Designs and contests. Because for M IT Services my company that supplies, well the package I’m teaching you guys, here in the Netherlands, 11 years ago it was called, let me just in Dutch Mitserv, M-I-T-S-E-R-V, which was a short name for M IT Services as we use today. When we decided to change the name after 10 years, or something, we hired a company to create a new logo and design, and you know, the paper, the envelopes, and all kinds of stuff. You don’t want to know, but I probably paid over five grand to get all the designs done and then finished.

paid over five grand to get all the designs done


But now that we can use platforms like 99 Designs, you can start a contest for like, $300-$400. And all of these magnificent design guys out there in the world, not even the Netherlands, but the entire world, can participate in the contest and make a design and upload it to the contest and I can pick from, I don’t know, maybe, I got like, 60 designs already. So, I drop the ones that I don’t like and I’ll give the ones that are in the direction of that I was thinking about in what I would like the design to be, I give them like three or four stars. So, other people can also see what kind of design I like and they can, well, anticipate on that and drop in their own design. 

And that’s the nice part of a contest because it’s competition and the best man wins and I only have to pay for the one that I choose so, I get the best of maybe, 100 designs at the end of the day, and only for $400 or so, and it’s not even seven or eight percent of what I used to pay here when I hire a marketing bureau or a marketing company or design company, who can design all my stuff.

Logo contest

So, I can recommend if you need any logo or whatever templates your in need of, go to and create an account and create a contest. You can use the guarantee option or not so, even if there is nothing that you like at all, you can still drop the project and start a new one without ever have to pay anything. 

So, I’m at the office right now, I’m going to check my mail there to see what new designs have come up this night and I’ll keep you posted at the end of the day. Okay 

Bye-bye Marcel

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