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CS 35: How To Fill Up A Webinar Without Paying Too Much For Advertising

Do you want to full up your webinar every week? Then these are the questions you've got to ask your customers...
How To Fill Up A Webinar Without Paying Too Much For Advertising

How to fill up your webinar without paying too much for advertising. First we’ll go through the theme show and then I’m going to talk all about it. Hi welcome back, Marcel Martens Cloud Secrets podcast.

Ad targeting
I hope you’re doing well today. I am. Today I’ve been working on, well the next series of ads to fill up my webinars for one of my companies. And the secret that I want to share here is that if you target the right way, using, in my case Facebook advertising, you’re going to save a lot of money and not only save a lot of money, also can fill up your webinar or online training or workshop or whatever you’re doing.
And you can actually make money at the end of the webinar instead of generating a list of email addresses that you can send tons of emails afterwards. But never produce any sale.

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So for this one, I particularly use the webinar funnel, go to click funnels, go look up Russell Brunson and start digging there because that’s the way it works and it works every single time. So today I’ve been messing around if I may say so with ads for quite some time to make it successful and make it run.

So today I thought I’d started doing some interviewing to get in the customer’s heads to see what he thinks, how he feels about our “Always Safe in Business Suite” because let me go over that conversation that I had with one of our recent customers that we migrated to the always safe business suite. 

Get in the customer's head

When you take a look at what he was, or they, cause it’s a company, but they were using hosted email services with our hosted exchange solutions. Could be anyone for that matter. It doesn’t matter. And he had a local solution for his files and he always already was using our backup services and our protection services, in this case ESET, but it was still using local file solution, as a storage solution. So he couldn’t access his files or data anywhere other then his office or his show room cause he sells kitchens. And I believe we migrated him three weeks ago and today I gave him a call and asked if he got some a few minutes to help me out.

Local file storage solution

I got some questions for running my ads so I can target the right people, I can target the right interests and talk about their problems because people in this case that I would like to target is cold audience. You’ve got three types of audience, cold, warm and hot. Let me start with the hot ones. The hot ones are the ones, the ones that know you and know they’ve got a problem and that you’ve got a solution for them. So it’s the low hanging fruits. If you just contact them or meet them at a, I don’t know, at a birthday party or whatever, or with family and friends and they know you and they know what to do, if they present a problem in any conversation you well, you can immediately address that with the solution because you already got the credits and you know who you are

Three types of audience

With warm traffic, it’s people that don’t know you, but know they have a problem, so there you… now I’m mixing things up.

Let me skip that all for a minute then for my ads because that’s where we’re going to talk about.

I’m going to run the ads to cold traffic: People who don’t know me and probably people who don’t know they have a specific problem yet.

So by that I start the conversation with the problem. And the problem, that was what I was trying to figure out in the phone call I had with my customer. Okay, what problems solved our suite for you that you weren’t able to do before you used this particular suite and the answer was pretty fast and pretty easy. He said, I’m 100%, I’ve got 100% access to everything, so I will always get access to all my emails, all my files, all my offers, all my running projects, all, everything. I said, okay, that’s cool. Sounds logical because that’s what we sell. But by doing or by having that, what’s the real difference for you?

What makes the difference?

Okay it’s nice that you can access your files on your phone when you’re sitting beside your wife, it’s evening and the customer sends an email and you would just check it on your phone and don’t need to go to the office or start your laptop or whatever.

But what does it make? What’s in it for the customer and for you?

He thought for a minute. And then his answer was, I’ve got better oversight of all things that are running at the time. And secondly, I can improve quality because I can address things straight away instead of waiting for the next day or whatever. So quality goes up and I’ve got a better grip of running projects. I said okay, that’s cool. Sounds nice. And it makes customers more happy? Yes, it does. 

Improve quality

Okay. So what does that mean for you and your business? Well, if we can improve quality, we can improve customer experience, we can improve customer, we can improve the quality of service, we can improve basically everything because we go next level with customer service instead of them having to wait till the next day.

So I got quicker response rates less faults, or less struggles within any project because I don’t know with you but I’ve moved like five times now and I bought several kitchens, but every time I buy a kitchen they never deliver, or finish it on the day they come to place my kitchen. Now to me that’s fricking annoying and I hate it when, especially when you’re buying something expensive as, as a kitchen, you expect some kind of professionals that just put their money where their mouth is and finish the things they promise. 

Put their money where their mouth is
I don’t know why and I don’t know how and I don’t care. But to me it’s very frustrating that they can’t deliver it in one day or one single project. Always have half the support or some panels need to be replaced because they got damaged during transport or whatever. And he said, Oh, we’ve got the one who’s putting the kitchens in the homes and putting it all together and putting all the equipment you know, those guys are making a real difference. He’s got this professional working crew that finishes up the kitchen and in one day or one run or whatever you call it, but so the customer, his customer, my customer’s customer doesn’t end up having after sales or support calls if you want to call them. .
Increase sales

Increase quality = increase sales

I don’t know in the kitchen business, but relating to our business, I’ll keep it in support because he wants to spend time on his next customer and his next project. So if you can increase the quality upfront, you can increase the sales the day afterwards because he doesn’t have to get involved and finish up business that he could take care of earlier. So in the end I said, okay, that sounds all great, but so what does this mean for you and your company. It increased the sales? I say yes, that’s what I wanted to hear. And by increasing sales, it means making more money in less time by getting more efficient. 

Make more money

So this was a quite wonderful interview because we got to the essence of the thing that we, the possibility that we give by implementing our suite. And by doing so, you can sell more, you can sell better, he has less troubles, he has less support tickets or service that he needs to look after. He’s got happy customers who are not only customers, but starting to be raving fans and well, that’s the best type of advertisement you can have in my opinion. If just people talk about you and your business in a way that well actually sells. And finally he’s making more money, spending less time, which is absolutely fabulous to me.

Happy customers

And coming back to my core value:

My intention to leave everybody in a better state than when I first met them.

That perfectly aligns with this. I get joy and happiness and feel warm about that I’ve been able to help him and his business doing more with less. And that’s well that’s all there is to it for me.

So that’s what I’m going to put in my ads. I’m going to go for it. Our method, our suite improves quality, improves oversight, improves service, improves sales, improves your bottom line results.

Marketing strategy

And that’s where I’ll leave it for today. I’m going to share the results of the ads with you and I’ll keep you guys posted. If you like this, by the way, I hope you would take the time to rate and subscribe so you don’t miss out. And if you’ve got any questions, just drop comments below on this post, or go to, look for the episode and there you can post a comment.

I always reply to comments, I love feedback, positive feedback by far and well I hope you can leverage this to your own good because it’s so powerful. 

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But you’ve got to ask the right questions and keep asking until, I always call it the onion. And you got to peel off layer by layer, by layer, by layer. So first he talks about quality, then he talks about oversight. Then he talks about making more sales and in the end, making more money. So now you’ve got to peel off all these layers to get to the core. And that’s when you can feel it in your gut that when you arrive at the core, and that’s the message that you’re going to use in the advertisement, because that’s what’s going to trigger your new customers

Trigger new customers

So pretty, pretty wild episode. Thanks for being here and we’ll see you guys next time thank you very much.


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