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CS 28: Why You Should Document Your Journey

This is the process I went through and I'm documenting it in this show.
Why You Should Document Your Journey

Documenting my journey. So welcome back to the Cloud Secrets Podcast. I am Marcel Martens, and after the theme song, I’m going to talk about why I’m documenting my journey.

So if you listen regularly to these podcasts or follow me for quite a while, you probably know that due to the illness of my wife, I made a lot of change. I had to make a lot of changes. Sorry for the confusion because, well we got daycare for three days a week, and we didn’t, well have kids to put them in daycare all week. 

I made a lot of change

So my wife and I decided that three days is the max that we, well use daycare or afterschool daycare. So while the two oldest ones are at school, the youngest one was still at home and, well, she wasn’t able to take care of family to give the house pretty much nothing.

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As lousy as it sounds, I don’t mean in like that because she, she had seven years without one night of constant sleep. So for seven years long, she didn’t sleep longer than three hours a night in one row. When I go to bed, I’ll wake up the following morning so I get a six, seven hour sleep or five hours sleep or whatever. For my wife, it was just the max was three hours and then she was awake and thinking about all the issues, we’re having or problems, back in the days, go back and listen to a few podcasts ago, there I explained the whole story. 

She didn't sleep longer than 3 hours per night

Why am I doing this?

But at that time, just to give you, in a nutshell, we were almost bankrupt and things weren’t going so well with the business, with our marriage, with everything because it was just literally on the edge.

I was thinking. Why am I doing this? Why did I start this business? Why do I want to be a business owner? All of those questions. 

We were almost bankrupt

And you probably have some yourself if you think, and that’s where eventually my biggest why. And if you want to know more, go to Simon Sinek, Find your Why. It’s a pretty good book, can help you. Personal development. Go to Tony Robbins, he’s the master in personal development. So if you want to get ahead quickly, I can recommend those two.

Personal development

So for me, my why was to leave anyone in a better state than when I first met them. So if you ask me what would you do? Even if you don’t get money for it, my answer will be to help people or businesses or whatever. I get joy out of helping others. Moving towards the next step so they can do more in less time. They can do things more efficiently, I don’t care, anything to get them in a better state than when I first met them. And my mission with one of my companies, M – IT services, is that we want to help businesses get safe in business. So everything that they do with IT systems, that has to be safe so that nobody can break in or hack their systems or spamming using their domain names or whatever kind of thing you can think of when it comes to IT security.

Safe in business

I’m a big believer in everything that you create is yours and yours alone until you decide to share it and not for anyone else to take. So that is why I’ve created the Always Safe in Business Suite.

Once again, go to a few podcasts back and I’ll explain everything about it, but the essence here is how can I extend my reach without growing my company even bigger where a small company, we’ve got a number of staff. Well at this time, because I’m still working three days a week, I don’t have all the time to give directions to all the personnel or staff. 

A 3-days workweek

So for now it’s fine like it is. I don’t want to grow any further. We’ve got a nice team, I’m proud of the team. I coach them myself. We get to do great things and help a lot of people and a lot of businesses, but for now we’ve reached the max that we can handle in the current situation and for me to take it to the next level is going to occupy a lot of my time that I don’t have at the moment.


We've reached the max that we can handle

So I was thinking what other way is there to extend my reach and that is why I decided to create Cloud Secrets and with Cloud Secrets I want to share my method that I’ve developed over the years in M – IT services so I could extend my reach because if I could teach other businesses or other business owners my method, then they can get the same result for their customers as I’m getting here, so that way we can help more customers together than I can do by myself at this time.


Share my method

For that reason. Also, I’ve decided to start this podcast of vlogging and blogging and everything you can think of because I’m an IT engineer, professional, expert or whatever you want to call it, but I’m not a marketing guy or whatever. So to put in, I call it the Cloud Secrets course, and within that course I will teach you every single step of my method and I go way, way further because I also teach you how to get new customers, how to get leads, how to make sure you exceed expectations every single time and all that is packed into this program, the Cloud Secrets course and well, my journey to fill up those courses is what I’m documenting using these podcasts and vlogs and blogs or whatever. 

Exceed expectations

So I’ll share my ups, I’ll share my downs, even do behind the scenes in one of my companies, when I teach or coach, my staff or personnel or employees or whatever you want to call them, I take these little video shots of pretty much deep dives on technical things that they need to address at that time.

So three years ago we decided that I no longer touch the buttons and by that we mean I no longer go sit behind the keyboard and do it myself. I just educate and by that we mean we teach our staff and personnel how to do it and I can help them when they get stuck, we make sure they get unstuck and they can proceed or make progress and that’s the way we do it.

Educate others

So now I invite you to, if you’re interested to join to apply, that’s what I mean because we use applications for that. I mean, we see if we are a fit or not, because I only want to work with people are going for that next level who are committed to their personal success and it will go in all the way to make their success almost guaranteed.

It’s all based upon the work you do. But when you follow my steps, I guarantee success. So if you want to join, go to Again, that’s Then you can apply for the course and I will personally go over your application and reach out to you. I’m going to call you and ask a lot of questions and if you’re a fit, I’m going to invite you to join the course.

I keep documenting my journey and sometimes we get new projects, which I think are interesting for you. So that’s why I share my experience based on WVD today’s testing day. So at 3:00 PM while we’re going to show the customer the first results, so I’ll create some stories for that one or maybe even a behind the scenes video and I’ll talk to you guys later.

Share my experience

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5-star rating

We launch episodes twice a week. Try to keep up with those because it’s costing me a lot of time every single week to keep it up with two posts a week, but I will do my best to make sure that keeps happening and I’ll talk to you next time. Okay. Thank you very much.

Bye bye Marcel Martens.

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