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CS 26: The 4 Ingredients Of Successful Cloud Computing Strategies

4 Secrets Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Successful Cloud Strategies
The 4 Ingredients Of Successful Cloud Computing Strategies

The four ingredients of successful Cloud computing strategies, and I’m going to talk all about it after the theme song.

Hi guys, welcome back. Marcel Martens with the Cloud Secrets Podcast. Today I’m going to talk about the four ingredients for successful Cloud strategies or implementing Cloud solutions for your customers.

Cloud computing strategies

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When you go back to the basics, what is it that a business needs in essence? So back to the basics, basics, basics. It’s what do they need in the current economic environment that everything is going faster and faster, and new versions or new systems are getting developed every single day. 

Back to basics

The essential needs of a business are...

But, what is it in essence that they need? It doesn’t matter what type of product it is or who the software company is or whatever, but what do they need? They all need email, right? Still it’s the most effective way of communication between customer and supplier.

Second one is they all need to have their Office licenses, because especially in America and Europe, we are very much fond of Word, Excel, Outlook, etcetera.

The most effective way of communication

Third, they all need to store that data somewhere safe and secure. They all need to have a proper backup in case things go wrong. Standard, any Cloud solution, there won’t be any backup, so you need to take care of that yourself.

Proper backup

And last is that you also want to make sure that every data or system is being protected properly against current cyber crimes or Ransomwares or whatever it is because today it’s Ransomware, tomorrow is going to be something else. You need to make sure that your data is protected, that your systems are safe from the big bad world out there and those hackers that would love to cripple your systems.

Systems safe from the big bad world

So, back to the basics and that’s what we call the Always Safe In Business Suite”. That’s the foundation that every single company needs. And when you look at it as building blocks, and this is the foundation I can on top of that, I can build any system I like. I can put Azure on top of it with several hosting servers, or WVD, or whatever, Windows Virtual Desktop, for those who don’t know yet. It’s been going GA, general available, a few weeks ago. First customers are being migrated within one of my companies, M-IT Services, and I update you regularly on the progress there.

The foundation that every single company needs

WVD is one of possibilities if somebody uses Amazon Web Services or whatever, it can be anything, Google Cloud Services, Salesforce, CRM, ERP, all those kinds of Power BI, it’s very popular these days, or Big Data. How can we get the numbers, the key performance indicators that we need to address and steer our businesses and well, that’s the power of a good Cloud strategy, and that we can provide that foundation that it’s ever ready for whatever the customer needs besides that, so we don’t need to remove anything from that foundation. Everything can be used in any situation, so it’s never an overkill or whatever, but that’s always a quick thought that I would like to share with you.

Big Data

I’d like to get your opinion, so if you go to you can look for this post or this episodes and there you can leave comments. You can also comment within iTunes or on YouTube. Please do, because I would love to have the feedback of you if you like my thoughts, if you agree or disagree more so. What else would you like me to share a light upon? So I would love to hear what you would like to learn, and I’ll be glad and happy to share that with you.


I would love to have feedback

But I’ve got to go to one of my next meetings and I’ll talk to you afterwards about how that went, and if I could sign up another customer, yes or no. So I’m pretty excited. I hope you guys are too, and I’ll talk to you next time. Thank you very much. Bye, bye, Marcel Martens

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