Business Lessons

CS 29: Slow Disk In WVD VS Fast Citrix Storage

We use PVS (Provisioning Services) so the Citrix drive is cached on a file server and therefor extremely fast. We have no knowledge of the infrastructure behind WVD. Watch this Behind The Scenes where I explain this concept.

CS 25: The Power Of Partnerships Part 2

Everyone’s talking about generating qualified leads, right? We all know that you won’t make money without leads. But what almost no one understands about generating qualified leads is the concept of partnering. It’s not Facebook ads that helps you create unlimited qualified leads, it’s setting up a good partnerships. And that can happen even if you can’t stop giving discounts, as long as you’re also over delivering and exceed expectations.

CS 24: The Power Of Partnerships Part 1

Are you trying to create unlimited qualified leads, but finding that Facebook ads is just too much to handle? Do you start fresh every Monday, fail, then vow to start again with the same old lead generation strategies that don’t work? You need to learn about a new way of setting up good partnerships by actually over delivering and exceed expectations so you can quickly create unlimited qualified leads. This changes everything!