Business Lessons

CS 45: The Power Of Feedback

Now I understand why Russel Brunson is telling everyone to keep doing your webinars LIVE for at least one year…. In this episode I will tell you my epiphany ;-0

CS 44: To Automate, Delegate Or Eliminate

How many things can you Automate, Delegate and/or Eliminate to free up time for the stuff that really moves the needle in your life? That makes all the difference in being successful or not….

CS 43: Customize An Offer Or Not

The offer is a two-way commitment or agreement, not a “I want it my way”. That’s when I tell them NO as I stopped customizing my offers…

CS 42: How My Sales Evolved

Here’s a walkthrough of how my sales evolved after something I realized when i was looking back for the patterns on successful sales…

CS 41: 50% Conversion On My Webinar

Itunes Google Podcasts Youtube SoundCloud Spotify Boom. 50% conversion after my webinar. Absolutely fricking amazing. I’m so joyed and so filled with enthusiasm. After the theme song, I’m going to […]