Business Lessons

CS 45: The Power Of Feedback

Now I understand why Russel Brunson is telling everyone to keep doing your webinars LIVE for at least one year…. In this episode I will tell you my epiphany ;-0

CS 44: To Automate, Delegate Or Eliminate

How many things can you Automate, Delegate and/or Eliminate to free up time for the stuff that really moves the needle in your life? That makes all the difference in being successful or not….

CS 43: Customize An Offer Or Not

The offer is a two-way commitment or agreement, not a “I want it my way”. That’s when I tell them NO as I stopped customizing my offers…

CS 42: How My Sales Evolved

Here’s a walkthrough of how my sales evolved after something I realized when i was looking back for the patterns on successful sales…

CS 41: 50% Conversion On My Webinar

Itunes Google Podcasts Youtube SoundCloud Spotify Boom. 50% conversion after my webinar. Absolutely fricking amazing. I’m so joyed and so filled with enthusiasm. After the theme song, I’m going to […]

CS 37: How To Live Your Life In Abundance

Abundance is our birthright. And everywhere you look, you see abundance. Change your story and get absolute abundance in your life. Raise your standards and live up to the next level.